The Society

The Hua Hin Golf Society is a non-profit making society based in Hua Hin, Prachuabkirikhan, Thailand. We are a private members only society and play twice weekly, Tuesdays & Fridays, at one of the local golf courses. We are not a booking agent, tour operator or trip adviser.

The first rule of the Hua Hin Golf Society is that it is a friendly society and golf should be played in the spirit of the game. Members should strive to make all of our outings as enjoyable as possible for their fellow members and guests.


Membership is available to any person who fulfills the society membership requirements as listed in Appendix 1. Membership is for a four year period, Membership is not transferable or refundable.

For the first year of membership new Members will not be eligible to vote at an AGM / EGM, propose or second new members or propose or second resolutions.


Members conduct should always reflect well on the society.

Members are expected to display good golf etiquette at all times.

In the event that a member has been found, following investigation by the Committee, to have committed an act detrimental to the Golf Society in any way, the Committee reserves the right to suspend, terminate membership or take any other disciplinary measure deemed suitable.

Any member placed under suspension is ineligible to hold office, vote at annual general meetings or participate in society competitions for the duration of the suspension.


Any complaints should be made in writing to the committee for consideration whose decision shall be final.


Members are welcome to bring their friends to the Society’s games as their guests. Guests conduct is the responsibility of the Member and guests will not be entitled to receive our discounted green fee rates. The current guest policy will be displayed on the website and in Berny Bar and may be adapted from time to time.

Guests Policy

Members are welcome to bring a maximum of two (2) invited guests, subject to availability of tee-times.

Members must sign in all guest(s).

The Member will play in the same group as their guest(s),

We cannot accommodate walk-ins, visitors or tourists.

A current handicap certificate will be required for those guests who have not played with the Society within a one month period.

Guests are eligible to compete in all our fun competitions e.g. nearest the pin, longest drive etc


All notices to members will be displayed in Berny Bar and on our website (

Any member can communicate with the society via our email address ( or by using the ‘contact us’ button on the website.


All membership fees and dues shall be established by the committee in such amounts as they deem to be adequate to operate and maintain the society.

Members shall pay their membership fees by 31st December of the renewal year. Any member who has not renewed by 31st March of the following year will be automatically removed from the membership.

General Meetings

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Society shall be held annually, at such time and place, as the Committee shall determine. Each AGM will conduct the following business:

  • 1. Chairman’s Report.
  • 2. Minutes of last AGM.
  • 3. Matters arising.
  • 4. Treasurer’s Report.
  • 5. Charity Policy.
  • 6. Resolutions.
  • 7. Election of Committee.
  • 8. Any Other Business.

Notice of the AGM shall be posted on the Society’s Website and on the Notice Board in Berny Bar at least 2 months in advance of the date.


Resolutions are agenda items raised by members for issues that have not been resolved with the committee, and will be accepted no later than 1 month before the AGM and must include a detailed rationale for the resolution.

Voting on all resolutions shall be by completion of voting slips / show of hands by Members present at the meeting plus any email / hand delivered votes received.

Resolutions will be carried by a two thirds majority of members voting.

Election of committee

At the annual general meeting the membership should elect a body of up to six officers to form the committee. Each member wishing to be elected to hold office shall have a membership of at least one year’s standing and shall be nominated by a proposer and seconder, both of which shall have a membership of at least one year’s standing. The nominee must include a statement outlining why they are standing and what they will bring to the committee. The list of nominations to hold office shall be posted in the clubhouse two months prior to the AGM and nominations shall close one month prior to the AGM to allow time for receipt of email / hand delivered votes.

Members will be elected based on the number of votes received.

Elected members will hold office for two years and will be eligible for re-election.


The Committee may call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) when any question of urgent importance shall arise. An EGM can also be called by any members for issues that have not been resolved with the committee, and requires a written petition signed by not less than twenty percent of the membership. No business other than that scheduled in the Agenda for the meeting shall be transacted at an Extraordinary General Meeting.

Voting on EGM agenda items shall be by completion of voting slips / show of hands by Members present at the meeting plus any email / hand delivered votes received.

Agenda items will be carried by a two thirds majority of members voting.


The Society will be run by the elected Committee (see AGM) who will decide and be responsible for all decisions of how the Society is conducted. Any member can make suggestions for discussion at committee meetings and these will be dealt with on their merits.

Committee Role

The committee will elect a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Captain, Secretary, and a Treasurer. See appendix 2 for definitions of posts. They may also form any sub-committees, co-opting members as required. Any sub-committee will consist of at least one committee member.

The Chairman or Vice Chairman, in the absence of the Chairman, will chair meetings of the committee. There will be at least six committee meetings in one year. Four committee members shall constitute a quorum at any meeting and all decisions will be decided by majority vote. The Chairman is empowered with the casting vote in all unresolved matters.

All committee members are voluntary and receive no salary.

Any vacancy on the committee may be filled by the committee seconding an eligible society member.

In the event that a committee member has been found, following investigation by the committee, to have committed an act detrimental to the Golf Society in any way, the committee reserves the right to immediately dismiss that member from the committee, suspend or terminate membership or take any other disciplinary measure deemed suitable. If dismissed from the committee, the committee member will not be eligible for re-election for a minimum period of 5 years.

Special Note

Notwithstanding the provisions of the above, Berny Morgan shall be the Captain for life or for as long as he chooses to continue in the position.

Finance / Accounts

The fiscal year for the society will be 1st Jan through to 31st December.

Accounts are produced monthly for approval by the committee. The bank book is presented for checking at every committee meeting. These accounts and bank book are available to any member with backup documentation if requested.

No more than 25,000 baht to be kept in petty cash at any time. All other monies are to be deposited into the bank account.

No payments >1,000 baht to be made without approval of the Chairman and Treasurer of the committee.

Two signatures required for any payments made or cash drawn from the bank account.

A stock take of balls & shirts to be conducted quarterly.

All monies collected shall accrue to the benefit of the members.

The committee shall determine the regulations regarding finance and accounting as well as any other power and duty relating to income and expenses that are not specified in these rules.


Members must observe the R & A Rules of Golf and the rules of the host club at all times. In addition the Hua Hin Golf Society has its own local rules which can be found on our website.

If during a competition round players are unable to agree on a ruling, then two scores should be clearly marked on the scorecard for that hole. The committee, whose decision will be final, on completion of the round, will rule upon the issue.

Score cards must be returned at all competitions. Scorecards must be marked and completed by another player in your group (not by you or your caddie) and then checked and signed by both the marker and yourself.

To play in any of the society’s major competitions and subsidised events, members must have played the requisite number of times as displayed on the website and in Berny Bar. An exception to this rule will be made for members of less than twelve months standing. Their qualifying will be on a pro rata basis. The committee has discretion to include members for a good reason e.g. ill health.


It is the responsibility of each Member to ensure that they are playing from their correct handicap.

Can we remind members that before commencing play in any competition that they must declare their lowest current handicap that they have achieved anywhere, which may not be the Hua Hin Golf Society handicap that they have been given.

All handicaps are maintained using the Society version of “Handicap Master”. This is a fully licensed handicap management software which manages personal handicaps in accordance with all the rules laid down by the English Golfing Union (EGU). This version is for use by Golf Societies.

Winding Up

If at any stage the society shall be wound-up or terminated, the proceeds of all assets, after settlement of all liabilities, will be donated to the society’s adopted Charity(ies).

Amendments to Rules

The committee shall have the power to repeal or amend any of these rules provided that such action shall not be effective until approved by a two thirds majority vote of the society members at a general meeting. Voting on amendments to the rules shall be by completion of voting slips / show of hands by Members present at the meeting plus any email / hand delivered votes received.


Appendix 1

Membership Requirements

Society membership is only open to people who hold a 12 month Non Immigrant Visa* and reside in Thailand for at least 6 months of the year. You must also either own property here or have a long term lease agreement. We also have handicap limits for new members which are 28 for Men and 36 for Women.

If you wish to join our Society you will be required to play at least 5 times (One of these rounds must be played with a committee member) with us within a 6 month period before submitting an Application Form. This is in order to establish your credibility, and also a handicap if required. An application form is available in Berny Bar and must be proposed and seconded by an existing member of at least one year’s standing.

Required Documents: – Proof of Residency. (Minimum 6 Months).

Plus House Rental / Ownership / Employment Contract / etc.

Two Passport Size Photographs + Photocopy of the Detail Page of your Passport.

Handicap Certificate (Not Compulsory).

Twelve Month Non Immigrant Visa (Photocopy of Passport is OK)

Photocopy of I.D. Card (Thai Nationals)

The committee will assess the application. Applicants may be asked to appear in front of a membership committee before acceptance is approved.

Please be advised that we close the applications occasionally in order to regulate the memberships. There is, then, a waiting list available.

Please check that you can fulfill all of the above requirements before submitting your form to avoid disappointment.

When the applicant is approved the required joining fee plus society subscription fees for each year or part of a year till the next renewal date must be paid.

*Visa requirements may be subject to change depending on Thailand Visa availability.


Appendix 2

Definition of posts

Chairman: To administer the society within the provisions of these rules and regulations. To maintain good relations with local golf courses and to stimulate the advancement of the society. To preside and maintain order at committee meetings and annual general meetings.

Vice Chairman: To assume all Chairman’s duties in the Chairman’s absence and to assist other executive committee members in the execution of their duties.

Captain: To process applications and issue membership cards within the bounds of society membership. To organize and run the twice weekly tournaments, and to keep the members up to date with forthcoming events.

Secretary: To fulfill all of the society’s administrative requirements, including the recording of minutes of committee meetings and annual general meetings and give notice of all committee and general meetings.

Treasurer: To ensure all monies raised by the society shall be applied to further the advancement of the society and for no other purposes and maintain proper accounts of the finances of the society. To report at committee meetings and annual general meetings the balance of society accounts.