Notice of the HHGS 2020 AGM

Will all Members please take note that the 2020 HHGS AGM will be held after play – starting 5.00pm – at the Banyan Golf Club on Tuesday the 24th January 2020 and all Members are cordially invited to attend this important event in HHGS’s Calendar.

The AGM will be held in accordance with the established Agenda which is documented in the Constitution and which is available on the HHGS website here

The minutes of the last AGM can be read by members on the Master Scoreboard website by logging in and selecting Future Events, then clicking on AGM.

Members are advised that should any individual wish to raise a Resolution for issues that have not (already) been resolved with the committee these should be provided to the committee for inclusion in the AGM discussions no later than 1 month before this AGM (24th December 2019) and must include a detailed rationale for the resolution.

Any member, complying with the 1-year minimum membership requirement, wishing to apply to/stand for, the Committee is required notify the Committee of this intention and to include a statement outlining why they are standing and what they will bring to the committee. Such nominations must be received not later than 1 month prior to the AGM (24th December 2019), and be proposed and seconded by members of no less than one year standing. The list for signing up will be available in Berny’s Bar.

Voting on any Resolutions, Committee nominations or any other matter shall be by show of hands, or by ballot depending on the circumstances at the time of the AGM or by email voting provided to the Committee on the HHGS email address. Voting will be carried by a 2/3 majority or greater.


The Committee have decided to offer a proposed change to the Constitution to be voted on by the membership at the time of the AGM as follows:

Current Statement – Under “Election of the Committee”

“At the annual general meeting the membership should elect a body of up to six officers to form the committee.”

AND (later)

 “Notwithstanding the provisions of the above, Berny Morgan shall be the Captain for Life or for as long as he chooses to continue in the position.”

Proposed Change – Under “Election of the Committee”

Berny Morgan shall be a committee member and the Captain for Life or for as long as he chooses to continue in the position. In addition, at the annual general meeting, the membership should elect a body of up to a further six officers to form the committee”.

Reason for Change

To combine both existing statements in one overall statement and to provide the opportunity for a larger number of committee members to be able to better represent the wishes of the membership should such numbers be willing to serve.  

Voting on this proposed change will occur at the time of the AGM although email votes can be cast prior to the AGM. 

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