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It is relatively common to encounter red ants on courses in Thailand when a ball is hit off line into rough/trees. Whilst not a threat to life red ants certainly do make difficult if not impossible to set up for and play a measured stroke.

Therefore HHGS ‘s committee have decided to introduce a local rule for HHGS events whereby relief may be taken where red ants are encountered by following the following process: –

1) If a player identifies red ants in or around the immediate area of where the ball lies relief MAY BE AVAILABLE if the player wishes PROVIDED the player calls over a fellow competitor (usually the marker of the player) and that fellow competitor agrees that the red ants prevent the player from setting up and/or playing the stroke without disruption.

2) If relief is agreed as allowable then the player AND the fellow competitor/marker shall identify and agree upon a drop being taken without penalty at the nearest point of relief (I.e. where there are no red ants) no nearer to the hole.

3) Relief shall be taken within 1 club length (the club length may be measured by use the longest club in a players bag and shall be marked by tees) from the point of nearest relief by dropping the ball from knee height – once the ball has been dropped it shall be in play unless the ball when dropped rolls either nearer the hole or beyond one club length. If the ball does so roll the drop shall be repeated and if the ball again rolls beyond acceptable limits it shall be placed at the spot of the drop itself.


Playing  Different Tee Boxes

As you all know we now have a handicapping system – using the WHS approaches – that allows us to calculate individual playing handicaps for each course and each tee box of each course. This allows individual golfers to nominate which tee box on which course they wish to play on the day. However after lengthy discussions we have decided to introduce one basic constraint to be applied to Men in this situation. 
For handicapping and daily prizes a male golfer can only elect to play from the red tees where they have a playing handicap of 28 or greater. If a male golfer with a handicap of less than 28 still elects to play from the red tees that golfer will not be eligible for any prizes (2’s, Near Pins, daily Stableford or Medal) and the score will not be used for handicapping purposes.  

World Handicapping System

Members we have now been advised that the long awaited revision to the Handicap Master software we use to deal with the “global” World Handicap System is definitely to be issued to us for use from 1st November! 
We understand that Handicap Master will use data supplied by us on the various courses we play and the different tee box ratings involved together with the last 20 score cards to arrive at a WHS baseline handicap. (if less than 20 there will be an appropriate adjustment to the calculation). 
Essentially the “new” baseline will be used to calculate a playing handicap for every course and every tee box used each time.
It’ll be REALLY interesting for everyone to see the new approach working and new (maybe) handicaps that are initially issued so keep watching! 
I am sure there will be questions and we’ll do our best to answer them as they arise but hopefully, we should FINALLY by close to eliminating the conflicts between handicapping systems that there have been for so long
There have been a few inquiries, and hopefully the following will explain what is happening.
You will see your handicap index in Master Scoreboard. This is an indication of where our handicap is, and will be different to your playing handicap. For example, your playing handicap may be lower on a course such as Black Mountain, but may be higher on a more difficult course such as Royal Hua Hin or Springfield.
In theory all scores are to be counted towards your handicap, and your best 8 scores out of your last 20 scores are averaged out to find your handicap index. At present, score cards are to be verified by another player before they are entered in to the system and at present handicap Master does not have the facility of allowing players to enter their away scores from non-golf society games. While we have requested this facility, this means that practically, with all the roll ups and games around Hua Hin, if we were to enter every member’s score cards from all the roll ups and private games, a committee member would be spending at least 2 hours a day on the computer just doing this.
We have an agreement with Butterfly Rock Golf Society and Saen Suk Golf Society to accept scores from their competitions and to compare handicaps between people who are member of all societies. In the near future, after all three societies are using the WHS, we will synchronize handicaps, so as we are all playing with the same handicaps, no matter which society we are playing with on the day.