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We all hate slow play – it frustrates us and usually damages our games as we lose concentration on the game and focus on the slow play(er) rather than our own game.  Complaining does not stop slow pay – Players stop slow play

1) Pace of play

It is the responsibility of a group of golfers to keep with the group in front and NOT to simply stay ahead of the group behind. Keeping up with the group in front means (on Par 4’s) when the group in front is on the green you should be on the Tee of the same hole and the group as a whole should take responsibility for maintaining this position.

2) Lost ball

If a ball is hit into trees or deep grass etc and MAY not be able to be found then play a PROVISIONAL BEFORE LEAVING THE TEE (simply declare that you are playing a provisional to the other group members) to avoid having to go back to the tee if the original ball cannot be found. A player CANNOT drop a ball at the approximate point where it is thought to be lost – the Provisional ball MUST be used if the original is lost.

You have a MAXIMUM of 5 minutes to find the original ball from the moment you start to search in the area identified as where it may be. At the end of 5 minutes the ball MUST be declared “Lost” and the player then plays the Provisional ball which now counts as 3 from the tee (so the player is now playing 4). If the original ball is then found (by a caddy for example) after the 5 minutes it CANNOT be played and play MUST continue with the Provisional ball. Members of the group should ensure this 5 minute maximum is adhered to.

3) Stableford Scoring – Pick Up and Move On

In Stableford competitions if a Player has already played too many strokes to score points on a particular hole based on the players handicap and the handicapping of the hole in question PICK UP. The result is the same whether you continue to play and card a 9 (for example) or whether you pick up – ZERO POINTS. But the impact on the pace of play by NOT continuing to play strokes can e significant. There is no impact on handicap adjustments from picking up – a Zero is a Zero no matter how it comes about.

The way to eliminate Slow Play is IN OUR OWN HANDS!!