Hua Hin Golf Society Club Championship.

Hua Hin Golf Society Club Championship.

 The club Championship was held over two days, Tuesday 7th December and Friday 10th December. We had 32 people playing on Tuesday, but only 23 playing on Friday.

The winner of C group (Handicap index 18.6 – 36.0) was Martyn Finnigan with a net 67 on Tuesday, but falling away with a net 77 on Friday.

The winner of B group (Handicap Index 13.6 – 18.5) with a steady 72 on the first day, followed by a net 71 on the 2nd day was Seppo Rintala. Unfortunatly we do not have a photo.

The winner of A group (Handicap index 0 – 13.5) with a net 70 on both days was Fiona Zimmerman.

The best Gross score over 2 days 152 strokes, was shared by Fiona Zimmerman and Sunny Moon, but Sunny claimed the Trophy after posting the best gross score on the 2nd day.

The person with the best total score for both days with a net 68 and a net 70 was former chairman Tim Dixon. Obviously he has a lot more time to practice!!

And here are both our Champions pictured with their trophies.