Committee Nomination 2019 (NEW)

NOMINATION (Hallbjorn Stenhaug)

Hallbjorn Stenhaug – background and motivation for becoming a committee member.


After University studies,I started as a professional swimming coach.

My first job was coaching the Norway youth team for 2 years.

Then I was appointed as National Coach for Denmark – a position I held for 8 years, including the Olympics in Montreal and Moscow.

After my coaching career, I was headhunted by Adidas – and worked for their promotion and marketing department for 6 years.

I was then offered a job as CEO at one of the suppliers to Adidas. I ended up buying that company in 1991 – and later opened factories in Shanghai 1995 and Bangkok 1999.From 1995 to 2011 I lived in Hong Kong , working as the CEO for all my companies. I sold the company in 2011.At that time we were the leading supplier for fabrics for soccer replicas for Adidas and Nike.

Having been involved with sports – directly and indirectly for all my life – I started playing golf in 2008,while I was in Hong Kong – even I did not have the necessary time for practicing enough, and definitely not as much as I wanted. During my spell in Hong Kong I also managed to get involved in the committee work for the Hong Kong Senior Golf Association.

We went back to Denmark in 2011 – and very soon my golf started improving when I got time enough available for practicing and playing. From 2012-2015 I was the playing captain of our first division senior golf team.

While I was in Hong Kong, I had to visit my factory in Bangkok once a month and after I started playing golf, I very often used a long weekend in Hua Hin – visiting friends and playing golf.

I moved to Palm Villa in 2015 – and joined the committee there in October 2015.The Palm Hill Residency and friends group has 65 members. I have been in charge of all Sunday rollups, Championship tournaments as well as our monthly “away” game.

From 2016 I have been responsible for the playing hcp for all players – trying to secure a level playing field by :

  • Motivate players to record ALL their scores they play away from Palm Hills with other societies in Hua Hin (ladies and men)
  • Motivate players to record ALL their rounds they play during summer holidays in Europe (We have many players who only stay 5-6 months here)

I have also been responsible for finding sponsors to all our “big” competitions. Last week we had 52 players in our Christmas Scramble and 76 for big dinner and prize ceremony afterwards.

I am also in charge of trying to educate all players as good as possible regarding golfing etikette and now the implementation of the new golf rules.


My main motivation for joining the committee of HHGS ,as I believe I can add some competences to the existing committee. I can use my experience from my coaching career as well as my work in another golf society. I want to listen to all kinds of members opinions, and try to work for a level playing field as well as creating a good spirit among the members.

I think I can contribute on these major areas :

  • Coordinate with other societies in Hua Hin about handicapping – so everybody only play with one handicap(the lowest at any time)
  • Help with educating players using the golf rules correctly, especially the new ones
  • Help with providing sponsors/partners for our big competitions – making it attractive for all our members to participate
  • I will try to play with as many different players as possible (for some pair competitions I might play with Piyawan though…)

Basically I want to try to contribute making HHGS the “best” society for it’s members here in Hua Hin.

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