Committee Re-election 2019

RE-ELECTION (Tim Dixon) 



As many of you will already know I have been an active member of HHGS for a number of years and some 3 years ago was seconded on to the Committee as a general member under the chairmanship of Robert (Dickie) Bird.

2 Years ago I was formally nominated for and voted on to the Committee at the 2017 AGM and then, within the Committee, nominated for and accepted the role of Chairman. This has been, in many ways, a sobering experience and one that has helped me appreciate and understand the extent of effort that Committee members of such an eclectic group face.

The experience gained, over the these years, in the history and traditions of the HHGS approach to golf as not only a sport, but also a social experience has meant a fairly steep learning curve for me and has resulted in the realization that:

* Very few things are simple “Black and White” choices

* Everyone has opinions that need to be heard and considered

* The old saying “80% of the people 80% of the time” was never more appropriate than when dealing with Golf Society issues

Whilst I would never claim to be perfect I sincerely believe that the efforts and initiatives I have been involved in, and in some cases, responsible for, during my serving on the Committee have always been with the best of intentions for the HHGS membership as a whole and I have been, and remain, committed to ensuring that members can take pride in HHGS as the foremost eclectic golfing group in Hua Hin.

Should I be voted in to continue as a member of the HHGS Committee I offer my personal commitment to continue to:

* Protect and enhance HHGS’s reputation in the Hua Hin golfing environment – Golf Clubs and Golfers.

* Acknowledge and give due consideration to HHGS member’s concerns and ideas

* Do my utmost to ensure that HHGS events and membership gives the best possible level of enjoyment and satisfaction to each individual member.



Tim Dixon

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