Ladies V Gents

The Bi Annual competition between Hua Hin Ladies Golf and HHGS Men will be held at Majestic Creek on Tuesday 26th November 2019. The format will be a two ball team with combined scores, and the TOTAL scores from both teams will win the competition.

So far, the Ladies have won 2 out of 2 competitions, will the Men avoid a third beating?

Gents, if you wish to compete, please sign up below as usual. We need 24 28 gents for our team. Gents are to wear Golf Society shirts on the day.

Ladies, please contact your Hua Hin Ladies Golf organiser to sign in.

We have a 2 tee start at Majestic Creek, courses A and B. The green fee + caddy + meal will cost 1500 Baht – beer is extra!

There will be a meal and celebrations after the event, the Ladies normally arrange a good event.

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  1. Sorry to be pedantic but where it says, Ladies normally arrange a good event , this should read, Ladies ALWAYS arrange a good event.

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