Masters 2022

Masters 2022

The Master’s championship was held at Black Mountain this year. We had 42 entries, and everyone stayed for the final presentation.

We had 3 divisions, and a two’s competition incorporated in the competition. We also had a blind pair’s draw for the people who did not come in to the main prizes.

When we announced the 2’s. Kieron was mobbed by the 8 of the people who won.

For the blind pair’s competition, everyone who won received a bottle of wine, the winners are pictured below:



For the main prizes, in Division 3, Ann Dixon came in 4th, pictured left, Hallbjoern came in 3rd, pictured centre, and Gaston was the runner up of group 3, pictured right

The winner of Division 3 was Eric Taylor, pictured below receiving his prize.




In Division 2, Steve Brighton came in 4th, (No picture), Bob Green came in 3rd, pictured left, and Fred Ward came in second, pictured right.



The division 2 winner was Andrew Rowley Bates, pictured below.




For Division 1, 4th place was taken by Piyawan, pictured left, in third place was Andy Mac, pictured centre, and in second place was Darryl Gumm, pictured right.

The winner of Group 1 was Steve Warnock, seen below receiving his prize,

The overall winner, and the Masters Champion of 2022, just beating Andrew Rowley Bates on countback, was Harvey Russell, pictured here receiving the Masters Trophy, well played, Harvey.