Match Play Championship

Match Play Championship


The final games for the 2020 Match Play Shield and Plate were played at Banyan on the 7th February.

For 3rd and 4th places for the Plate, Bea Wallace was beaten by Hallbjorn Stenhaug, pictured below

3rd and 4th places for the Shield were played between Tim Vermeersch and Bjorn Byman, Byorn is pictured below.

The final result for the plate finals and the road there is as follows:

In 2nd place was Jean Luc Sauvinet, pictured here with the winner, Tim.

The draw for the Shield Finals and the road there is as follows:

Eric Taylor was beaten by an on form Piawan Khonjam, who shot well below her handicap. They are pictured below receiving their prizes.

And here are the two winners together, well done to you both:

  • Ella

    Great idea! Pity it is over Christmas. Cannot play day 2. But I understand you would like to have as many members here in HH as possible. Well done committee, hope many will participate!

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