Proposed Change – HHGS Constitution

Proposed Change 2019 AGM

Dear HHGS Members,

We will have our AGM at Banyan on 29-Jan-2019 . Details on election of committee, resolutions and any other business will be provided in due course. Proposals can be forward to committee members, passed to Berny and communicated via the committee email

The following provides a draft of the changes being proposed to the HHGS Constitution, Appendix 1, dealing with Membership requirements of HHGS.
Change 1 – Appendix 1
New Membership Application Requirements

Society membership is open to people who reside in Hua Hin and surrounding areas. Members must own property or have a minimum 3 month written rental or lease agreement. HHGS have handicap limit for new members which are 28 for Men and 36 for Women. New applicants must provide evidence of an existing handicap by handicap certificates from a golf club or handicaps held on a valid on-line handicapping system. New applicants who are not able to provide such evidence will be required to play at least 5 times (One of these rounds must be played with a committee member) within a 6 month period before submitting an Application Form in order to establish credibility. An application form available in Berny Bar and must be proposed and seconded by an existing member of at least one year’s standing.

Required Documents: –

1) Property/Accommodation Rental / Ownership documents

2) Two Passport Size Photographs

3) Photocopy of the Detail Page of Passport.

4) Handicap Certificate (refer to above)

5) Photocopy of I.D. Card (Thai Nationals only)

The committee will assess the application. Applicants may be asked to appear in front of a membership committee before acceptance is approved.

Once approved membership is not transferable and fees are not refundable.

Please be advised that we close the applications occasionally in order to regulate the memberships. There is, then, a waiting list available.

Please check that you can fulfill all of the above requirements before submitting your form to avoid disappointment.

When the applicant is approved the required joining fee plus society subscription fees for each year or part of a year till the next renewal date must be paid.

Maintaining Membership

During each period of membership members must play a minimum of 15 HHGS games in each calendar year of the membership period. The committee will analyse all members playing records for each 12 month period and provide reports as necessary. If a member fails to satisfy this playing requirement in any calendar year the member will be advised of the circumstances and if no exceptional/special cause (medical for example) is identified the membership will be cancelled.


Membership Renewals

From 31st December 2020 existing members are required to renew their membership by making specific application and, in addition to the to-be-determined renewal fee, to reconfirm the information required in items 1,2,3 or and 5, (as applicable), of the New Membership Application section (above). Full address, e mail, and telephone contact details are required.



If approved at the 2019 AGM these changes will become effective immediately for new applicants from February 2019 as will the requirements for Maintaining Membership. The Membership Renewal sub-section will become applicable at time of the next due renewal which is 31st December 2020.  


Change 2 – Constitution Page 1

Membership is to be for a set 2 year period.


If approved at the 2019 AGM these changes will become effective immediately for new applicants from February 2019. For existing members this will become applicable at time of the next due renewal which is 31stDecember 2020.  

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  1. Dear Committee,
    Thanks very much for all the good work!
    Timely enhancements which I hope will not cause a lot of excitement during the AGM.
    Best regards,

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