Rules and Regulations

The following pages give rules information that you really need to know when playing in competitions:

Golf Etiquette

Golf etiquette is an essential part of the game. Unfortunately, not all golfers display good golf etiquette and can spoil the game for others – make sure you are not one of them.

Rules of Golf Summary

This page gives you the basic rules that come into play and are often unintentionally broken. Take some time to learn them.

Local Rules

This is a listing of the local rules the Hua Hin Golf Society have adopted that are in addition to any local rule of the course we are playing.

Changes to competition qualifying rules for subsidized & major tournaments. Here.

Our local rule for Pick & Place is in place for all courses until notified otherwise.

As you all know HHGS operate “lift clean and place on closely mown areas – 6” from the spot no nearer the hole”. However please understand that before you replace the ball you SHOULD NOT improve the lie by lifting grass or similar actions. If this does occur the penalty is 2 shots.

If in any doubt about how to proceed In any situation

  1. A) ask your playing partners
  2. B) bring the issue to the attention of the committee when returning your scorecard

Don’t risk a Disqualification – please ask!

Polite notice to all Members – Please follow our etiquette guidelines when playing golf to make the game enjoyable for everybody – Read Here

Ideas and comments are always welcome so be sure to contact the committee by email at