Corona Virus


The Corona Virus is obviously a major talking point and concern to all of us and we, the committee of HHGS are no exception to this. 

We have recently been discussing what position HHGS should take on the concerns regarding “separation” and “public gatherings” and have reached, by majority opinion, a decision that the society should continue with planned schedules in order to provide members who do want to play the opportunity to do this. 

Bernie acknowledges that because of age he is in the so called “target” group and I, because of the recent arrival of my own little miracle- Patrick – have both decided we will not play but, obviously, we both continue to give 100% support to the Society. No one really knows what will happen in the future – courses open or closed – but we, the committee as a whole, simply implore our members to follow their own minds, take care, and enjoy this great great game 

Tim (Chairman HHGS) 

Update 02/04/20:

All courses around Hua Hin are now closed and all future competitions are cancelled until further notice. We will let you know through this page, Facebook or Master Scorebord when our next competition will be.

Be safe out there, and we, the committee, hope to see you all again on the golf course.

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  1. Hey ! I respect Bernie’s decision but I think most of our members are in the “target” group.
    Please check that the golf courses remain open as i understand those in and around Bangkok are closed. I suggest that due to the current crisis that guests should not be allowed to join our meetings. Also that the proposed E.G.M be postponed.

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