December Medal 2021

December Medal 2021

The final Monthly Medal of the year was held at Black Mountain on the 30th November. Darryl and Sunny kindly hosted the reception afterwards, and provided refreshments and food, which was very much appreciated by the 42 people invoved.

This monthly medal was won by our Handicap Secretary, Hallbjoern, with a net score of 68, seen below receiving his medal.

The Order of Merit winners were:

Division 3, handicap index 19.6 to 36 – Cornelis Ringnalda ( The hole in one helped!)

Division 2, Handicap Index 14.1 – 19.5, Sneaking up on the last day, Hallbjoern.

The division 1 winner, handicap index up to 14.0, who unfortunately could not be there, and lost out on the overall on the last day was Andy McDermott.

The overall winner of our year long Order of Merit for the Monthly Medal was Darryl Gum, seen here celebrating with friends.