The Christmas Charity Scramble was held at Banyan on the 17th December, and the response was terrific.

Continuing HHGS’s long established practice of supporting the Bright Dawn Foundation and to further enhance our already established Charity Fund for 2019, which has been created from the match fee surplus’ throughout the year in line with the last AGM decisions the committee is organizing a Charity 4 Ball Scramble to allow our membership to give to others less fortunate than themselves.

Enlarged deposit slip of 63,100 Baht being presented to Jill Moore, from Bright Dawn.

As agreed at the AGM, part of our bi-weekly competition match fees were held back for charity, and this came to 63,100 Baht. Pictured above is Jill Moore from Bright Dawn receiving this from Tim and Eric, on behalf of the Hua Hin Golf Society.

In addition, on the day and extra 36,990 Baht was collected on the day, between match fees and donations, making a total of 100,090 Baht.

The awards for the monthly medal order of merit were presented, and the winner with a total best four scores was Daryl Gumm. The winners were persuaded to donate their cash prizes to Bright Dawn.

The Scramble was closely contested, with all net scores coming in under par.

In third place were Byorn Byman, Kurre Westerling, Seppo Rintala and Valtieri Rintala.
In 2nd place were Adrian Salt, Jo Simms, ‘Hawk’ and Andy MacDermott
And the winners were Halbjorn Stenhaug, Wan Klongjam, Chuan Walker and Hans Hallan.