Masters 2021.

Masters 2021.

The 2021 Masters competition was held at Springfield Golf Club on the 18th January 2022, due to Covid restrictions in 2021.

This long-awaited event was attended by 40 players, unfortunately some people dropped out at the last minute.

As well as the normal near pins and two’s, we also had a blind draw for pairs. We donated 10 bottles of wine, of various quality for the prizewinners.

The blind draw looked like this:

In 5th place came Darryl Gumm (29 points) and Seppo Rintala (41 points) with a total of 70.

In 4th place came Colin Whitby (35 points( and Teppo Halikka (37 points) with a total of 72 points.

In 3rd place came Tim Dixon (39 points) and Martyn Finnigan (32 points) with a total of 71 points.

In 2nd place came Tarn Nittaya  (38 points) and Nigel Guest (35 points) with a total of 73 points.

But the winners of the blind drawn pairs were Paul Barbone (39 points) and Steve Brighton (38 points) With a grand total of 77 points

There were 3 divisions and an overall winner.

The 3rd division winner was Tarn Nittaya ( a last minute entry) with a total of 38 points.

The winner of the second division was Seppo Rintala, with a total of 41 points.

The winner of the 1st division was New Keaw-Chawee, with a total of 40 points. Unfortunately I do not have a picture, but we do remember you, New!

But the overall winner of the 2021 Masters was Bjorn Byman with a total score of 44 points, seen here being presented with his trophy from Berny. Well played, Bjorn.