Matchplay Championship 2023

Matchplay Championship 2023

The booking sheet for next year’s tournament is now open. The initial draw will be made on the second day of the Society Championship at Majestic Creek on Tuesday 13th December 2022.

Your opponent in the first round will be determined by the order in which names are drawn, regardless of handicaps. Further rounds will proceed on a knockout basis.

A preliminary round may be necessary to get the correct numbers for the first and subsequent rounds. If so, the preliminary matches will be played between 16th December and 30th December, players can choose which Golf Society event they wish to play at. Matchplay games will be given priority.

In order to give players more flexibility on playing dates, we have decided that knockout rounds can be played at any one of four fixtures over a two week period in January and February. It is up to the contestants to decide their playing date and venue but in the event that no agreement can be reached, the committee will decide.

IMPORTANT: before you sign up, please make sure that you will be available to play through until the end of February 2023.

Let’s make the tournament a successful one.

The HHGS Committee.