Social Evening at Pizza Garden

Social Evening at Pizza Garden

After the Monthly Medal competition, which was held at Black Mountain, Mario kindly Hosted us us for the presentation that evening at Pizza Garden. 27 members, with their families and guests attended that evening and we were treated to 2 kinds of pizza and 2 kinds of pasta, along with free flow wine and beer.

We had the normal near pins, and two’s prizes, only 3 two’s were recorded on the day, won by Kieron Bose, Siripen Nu and David Buchan

In B flight coming in third was Fred Ward, our treasurer, pictured right.



In second place was Ann Dixon, pictured below

But the winner of B flight was our former chairman Tim Dixon, pictured here.



In A group, coming in third was Adrian Leggit, pictured below.

In second place was Darryl Gumm, pictured right.




And the winner of A flight was Olivier Pinard, pictured below.

But the winner of the June 2022 Monthly Medal was David Buchan, after having the best game of his life so far, pictured here receiving his medal from Berny, and a voucher for Pizza Garden from Mario.