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Dear Members,
Next Committee meeting is on, Tuesday 8th September 2020.
Please write to us before with items to be discussed by your committee.

Extra-ordinary General meeting

Following an email received from a member raising several concerns regarding actions initiated by both the previous and current committee discussions have been held by the committee and it has been decided that changes to the HHGS Constitution should be proposed and voted on by the members. As detailed by the Constitution the correct forum for such proposals and voting is the AGM but because the next AGM is planned for January 2021 this is thought to be too distant a date. Therefore the committee, in accordance with the Constitution wish to call an Extraordinary General Meeting to present the proposed changes and to allow Members to vote on these.

The EGM was planned for post-play at Banyan on the 7th April, this is now scheduled after the match at Lake View, on Tuesday 22nd September and members who can attend are encouraged to remain after play for this purpose. Members who do not play on that day are encouraged to attend.

The Agenda for the EGM, in outline, is as follows:

* Call to order

* Brief Introduction

* Proposed Change 1 – Signatories on payments

* Proposed Change 2 – Guests

* Proposed Change 3 – Number of games for New Member Applications

* Proposed Change 4 – Voting Rights

Members who cannot attend are encouraged to send their votes in by e-mail to info@huahingolfsociety.com. All votes which have been received by e-mail have been noted, and will be counted towards the final poll.

This is, of course subject to Covid 19 virus controls and protocols.